Professional Development Resources

Looking for high quality professional development resources that you can work through at your own pace or within a group in your workplace?

Redleaf Training and Consultancy has developed a range of informative and practical workbooks focused on best practice approaches within diversional therapy and leisure and lifestyle service provision.

Each workbook includes comprehensive coverage of the topic and practical activities to support your learning.  The workbooks have been written by highly qualified educators and professionals in the field of diversional therapy and leisure and health.

The following professional development workbooks are now available:

  • Working effectively in the leisure and health industry
  • Undertake leisure and health programming
  • Plan, implement and monitor leisure and health programs
  • Plan leisure and health programs for clients with complex needs
  • Apply knowledge of human behaviour in leisure activity programs
  • Apply sociological concepts to leisure and health
  • Facilitate groups for individual outcomes
  • Confirm physical health status
  • Analyse impacts of sociological factors on clients in community work and services
  • Apply concepts of human psychology to facilitate involvement in leisure programs
  • Access evidence and apply in practice
  • Provide leisure education
  • Coordinate planning, implementation and monitoring of leisure and health programs

The workbooks are between 100-130 pages each and come in a easy to use spiral bound format.  Each workbook costs $60.00 and can be ordered directly through Redleaf (via email, phone or fax) or through B&S Books

Also available is a Pathways to Success: Ways to develop your learning skills”.    This book has been written by the staff at Redleaf especially for adult students.  It provides useful and constructive information and tips about ways students can plan their studies, set goals for themselves, start and complete assessment tasks, develop their writing skills and work independently.  Various learning styles are explained and students are encouraged to make use of their preferred style.  There is a section on reading - both skimming and reading for detail - as well as tips on how to deal with setbacks (Price $33.00 per booklet + postage)